ASCA Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel / Breeder #54
     ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel / Breeder #95
     ASCA Hall of Fame Dams #29, #324 and #682
     ASCA Sr Breeder Judge #4351

                                                   Winslows Australian Shepherd

                                                              Beautiful Working Dogs You'll Love to Live With ~ Naturally!

                                        Winslows Australian Shepherds - Permanently Registered ASCA Kennel. Established in 1987 and dedicated to
                                       preserving the working stockdog
with good structure and temperament. A dog you can live and work with.

Winslow dogs were first inbred on the old Flintridge lines through Ch. BluStar's Rather Fight Than Switch CDX STDd,then crossed to old and respected working lines to preserve strong working ability and instinct.

Winslows Australian Shepherds - Located in the beautiful and scenic Pacific Northwest.

Winslows Australian Shepherds - Progeny can be found in all areas of competition, but predominately in working and conformation.

Winslows Australian Shepherds - Breeder of:

"Juli" Winslows Christmas In July CGC CD STDd

"Bryan" ASCA/Can Ch. Winslows Invitation 2 Success

"Cory" Ch. Winslows Corporate Report

"Rebecca" A-CH Winslows Hear I-AM!

"Mikey" Ch. Winslows Market Analysis

"Boston" Ch. Winslows Boston Tea Party

"Trouble" Winslows Double Trouble RTDs ATDsd STDc HTD1ds (1 leg OTDc & HTD2d) - High Combined Started Aussie - ASCWA Hank Trusler Memorial Award Winner;

"Brenna" HOF Dam Int'l Ch. Winslows Coalminer's Daughter, CDX OTDs STDdc PT RV-O JV-N - 1999 9th Place Most Versatile Aussie as well as 2002 & 2004 & 2006 Most Versatile Qualifier and foundation dam for METRO Aussies, Seattle WA;

"Courtney" HOF DAM WTCH Winslows Eye Candy ASCA mjr ptd - HIT Aussie from Open & #6 Open Ducks for ASCA Merit 2003-2004;

"Ezra" Winslows Solemn Vow CD ATDsd OTDc (1 leg ATDc) asca ptd our consistent multi-placement blue girl;

"Cash" Winslows Burning Ring of Fire ATDdc OTDs - 2005 Utah Gold Most Promising Started Aussie & HIT Cattle;

"Neo" WTCH Winslows Reloaded RTDsc - 2005 Pre-Trial Placements as well as other placements in limited competition and HIT winner.;

"Harley"- HOF Dam A-CH Winslows High Tone Woman DNA-CP STDcsd (1 leg OTDs) JDSA-N DNA-VP (retired). Bred only once, for a litter of only two pups, she produced multi - titled offispring in multiple venues (Agility, Conformation, Stock, Obedience, Rally and soon Tracking and hopefully Scent.)

Current Crew:

"DUCATI" - CH Winslows Tak'n Harley for a Spin, BN CD RM OTDsc (1 LEG STDd) JSE GSE RVE DNA-VP

and TORQUE" - WTCH Winslows Tak'n a Spin on a Harley BN RM OFTDs RSN JSN GSO DNA-VP (owned by Lisa Axnick)

The ASCA Breed Standard