Winslows Tri To Be Humble DNA_CP

sire: WTCh Sweetgrass Flying 'A' Blackjack
dam: Winslows Double Trouble RTDs ATDds STDc HTD1ds

She was already hitting heads and tails on sheep at 15 wks .

Her first conformation show was at just short of 6 mos. She showed like the champ' she is. Self stacks like a dream. Showed no fear or shyness of being in a noisy, crowded building for the first time. Thought all the folks were great. She took a 2nd out of 4.
At her 2nd shows in February Honor did very well by taken a 2nd out of 4 in 9-12 and a 3rd out of 4 (she decided food was too good and would not hold still!).

Honor is NOT just a pretty face either. She is tough!

This is one hard hitting little working girl.
I took her out recently to see what she'd do on cattle.

She hits hard on the front and rear. Heels, heads and right now thinks tails are cool too.

She was kicked, trampled, head butted hard but never quit. She then showed me her nice natural drive and wide working style.

For the most part she is a quiet worker with seldom a bark and when she does, it usually just one bark. She pretty much shakes off kicks, head butts, etc. and keeps right on working.

She's tough, she knows it and she makes her point known to those who think they are tougher. Around other dogs she is pretty easy going.

Honor's first time on cattle.
(Sorry, it was hard to video in the bright sunlight and be able to follow the dog!)

She is a hard hitting header and will not back down when faced off.