Winslows Christmas In July CGC CD STDd

Sire: Blackfox Rusty Nail
Dam: Ch. Blu-Star's Rather Fight Than Switch CDX STDd

My Buddy. My Best Dog. Bed Warmer.
Protector. Fabulous mom and grand-ma.

My Right-hand.
My Confidant.

Just an all-around neat dog. 
But not just a dog through any sense of the word.

On November 26, 1999, Juli went in for surgery and biopsy because a large lump was found on her lower right jaw. A week later it was diagnosed that she had squamous cell carcinoma. Although there are plenty of heroic measures that one can do, there are no guarantees. I opted to put Juli on a strict natural/raw diet and follow those methods of naturopathic therapy. Again, there were no guarantees. But we fought this cancer together, and I will love her unconditionally as she loves me.

Juli with her daughter Jujubee from her 2nd litter.Juli is the product of an outcross from predominately Flintridge foundation dogs with foundation Slash V. Juli’s intelligence and selectivity (one-person dog) could at times be demanding - but she was faithful to the bone! Her first litter was at 5 yrs of age and she proved to be an excellent mother. Juli and I had gone throught a lot of tough times together. The one thing I can say that is typical of her is her loyalty to me. She was always a one person dog. Which I have found in her grand-daughter Trouble. Juli was a talented dog with an untalented/very green handler. If what I knew now, I knew back then, she would have been a great trial dog as well as a great chore dog.

At 7 years of age, Juli single handedly brought home some stray range cattle through busy streets full of kids, cars and buses! She was over-weight after just having a litter and hadn't been worked for over a year. She saved a few kids' lives that day, as they stood in front of the cattle baring down on them, thinking they (the cattle) would go around them. Fat chance. Juli nipped the cows in the nose and turned them in time. She moved them through swampy areas, around cars and lawns - never giving up and never giving in. She has passed on this toughness, willingness to please and strong herding ability to her offspring as well!

Juli at her first trial on ducks at 1 year of age.

Although she was never a *trial* dog, Juli made her place on the farm doing the chores of a typical working dog - moving sheep and goats to pastures, holding stock in place during doctoring or shearing as well as keeping her *kids* and *grandkids* and *great grand kids* in line. She was the ultimate protector, bed warmer, house-sitter and grandma. 

Juil and her son Smitty from her first litter.On January 31, 2001, Juli and I had to face the decision for ending her life. In three days, the tumor had grown from a pea size to that of a baseball. I could not subject her to yet another surgery. The last one had been less than one month before and during that time one of her lungs had collapsed - possibly due to the anesthesia. The cancer had grown into her jaw on both sides and was traveling up into her nasal cavity.

All in all, Juli had a fun life. She lived longer than I had expected with the cancer, a year longer actually. She never really was in pain, just a lot of discomfort. On her last day we went out and did chores together, checked out the chickens and of course, harassed the sheep one more time. Went and saw all the new babies, too. It was a very difficult decision as Juli acted as nothing was wrong and was free of any other health problems. If it weren't for the tumor, she would have been with us for far longer.

Juli came back to me in a dream about 20 days later, looking just like she did in the above picture with her sitting on the log. Happy, healthy and full of love.

I will always miss her and I think of her often.

In many ways, her daughter, Rebecca, has similar traits and attitudes.

And so, life lives on.

Juli and her progeny

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