WTCH Winslows Reloaded RTDsc

Sire: WTCh Sweetgrass Flying 'A' Blackjack
Dam: HOF DAM WTCH Winslows Eye Candy, mjr ptd

Neo retired to Canada with his half sister Summer and was owned by Theo Manley. Together they pursued his talents in the area of Agility and  Obedience.

I couldn't ask for a better home. Thanks Theo!

2005 Hoosier ASC ~ Finishing his STDsc
National's Pre-Trial Results
STD Cattle 2nd Place Q 80
STD Sheep 4th Place Q 86
STD Ducks Q 71

GASC Trial Results
March 2006
STD Ducks 1st Place Q 85 - to finish his STDd
OTD Sheep 2Q's 95 & 107 (4th place) - to Start and Finish his OTDs

Whiskey Creek Classic
October 2006 ~ Missouri
OTD Cattle 3rd Place Q 99
OTD Cattle 3rd Place Q 105
RTD Sheep 1st Place Q 79
RTD Cattle 1st Place Q 88

Goblins a Howlin'!
October 2006 ~ Kentucky
ATD Cattle 3rd Place Q 103.5
ATD Sheep 2nd Place Q 90
Open Ducks 3rd Place Q 96

GAASC Trial Results
February 2007 ~ Georgia
OTD Ducks 1st Place Q 102
to finish his OTDd
with a High In Trial

April 2007 ~ Kentucky
ATD Cattle Q 94
ATD Sheep Q 98
Finishing his ATDsc

July 2007 - Washington
ATD ducks Q 90

July 2008 - Washington
ATD ducks Q 97 4th Place