Past Special Events

Born August 14, 2007 - Courtney & Cole Younger

All pups have gone to their respective homes. Some are currently pointed and titled.

Courtney's first litter by Jack was outstanding and I expect the same out of this second and final cross. The Jack cross is pretty hard to beat. This will be a cross of very biddable working dogs with good structure and ability to do it all and EXCELLENT Temperaments.

Cole is a young male with an impressive real working pedigree - Linebred on HOF WTCH Deharo’s Shaman of Vaquero PATDc RTDc DNA-CP and HOF Deharo's Rio Bravo - both dogs whom I remember watching work years ago. I hope to bring in more cattle savvy and head grips to my lines with this cross and a little less pushiness! These are good old working lines with a lot of ability and sensability. Great temperaments and good looks. Cole is very biddable with a great temperament and good looks. Courtney heels and Cole heads and heels.

Currently all pups have been exposed to sheep, ducks and calves. They have outgoing and loving temperaments and very nice structure. All pups are in versatility homes and will be worked in all areas of competition. ASCA/AKC/CKC.

Chant has gained his AKC & ASCA TD; Summer has gained her Rally Obedience Title; Talon has her HIC and is Pointed in CKC.

Born August 20, 2006 - Trouble & Cash  (litter photos)

This litter is a strong working cross with emphasis in biddability, intelligence, great temperament and solid structure.

Most pups went to work on farms. Two have ASCA titles. I have kept one female red bi pup who has turned out a lot like her mother in so many ways. She is a joy to have around and great farm dog. She currently has her STDsc and a leg in OTDs.

Born May 4, 2004 - Trouble & Jack

This litter is a strong working cross with emphasis in biddability, intelligence, great temperament and solid structure. They are keen workers with a lot of grip on heads or heels.

Guy went to his first trials this past July and qualified and placed on sheep (STDs) in his first two runs. This boy is a joy to work and trial and reminds me a lot of his mother.

Born October 09, 2003 to Courtney & Jack

The Courtney pups are showing a lot of eye, style and power. Courtney received her HOF Dam with three pups out of this litter and one in her 2nd and last litter!

Cash has finished his ATDdc OTDs with two Most Promising Aussies and obtained his OTDc with a 1st and a score 110. Cash has a LOT of power on cattle and hits heads and heels equally.

Neo has finished his WTCH and RTDsc. He is now in Canada pursuing Agility and Obedience. He is very biddable and talented with a strong sense of group and a lot of power.

Sister Ezra has her ATDd OTDsc with a leg ATDsc and 1 leg on her CD. She started trialing the fall of 2005 and finished her STDd in four trials, four placements and four qualifying scores. On sheep she q'd in her first two trials with placements; and on her first go on cattle she showed a lot of talent - hitting heads/heels and with grit - not bad for a dog that doesn't work cattle except at trials - but then it's bred into her and she came away with 2 first placements - she is a very level headed and patient girl, very biddable also. When I let her work, she is awesome! She hits heads with enthusiasm and heels plus has a lot of eye.

Born May 12, 2000 (Mother's Day!) to Mikey & Jujubee.

Of that litter, one is major pointed ASCA (10pts) and another is an ASCA HOF dam and WTCH with a HIT in open, 8 pts ASCA; she placed 6 in ASCA’s Merit Program in Open Ducks 2004. Two are in companion homes. One is in a working/companion home. These three are spayed/neutered.

Born June 02, 1998 to Rebecca & Pepe.

Of that litter, one is an ASCA Champion. Another is working titled with an RTDs ATDsd STDc (1 leg OTDc) HTD1sd High Combined. One is in training for agility. The balance are in loving companion homes (spayed/neutered).

Born June 08, 1998 to Iona & Jake.

Two red tri males. Both neutered. The other is in a companion home and is much loved.

Born May 29, 1997 to Rebecca & Jake.

Of the four puppies in that litter, one is an ASCA Champion. One is major pointed ASCA, one is in a companion home (spayed), And the fourth is in Germany as a foundation dam. She also is pointed and has produced major pointed offspring.

Born in January and October 1995 to Juli & Bryan.

Of those litters, two are ASCA Champion, one is ASCA pointed - in the Altered division; One has an International Championship, a CDX, RV-O JV-N OTDs STDdc  & was 9th Place MVA in 1999 and Qualified in 2002, 2004 and 2006 and is a HOF Dam. One has an HRD1s. The balance are spayed/neutered and in companion homes.

Born May 27, 1991 to Tarey & Chief.

One has an International, Canadian and ASCA Champion. One has an STDd.  One has an FDCH in Canada .

Born July 3, 1989 to Tarey & Rusty.

There was only one puppy in that litter. She gained her CD in ASCA/AKC; her STDd and CGC. She had multiple major reserves in ASCA and Reserves in Canada .

My foundation dam was born February 11, 1987.

She obtained her ASCA CDX, Am/Can CD, two legs Am. CDX, STDd, one leg STDs. ASCA, Can. Championship. A group win in Canada . Was a multiple BOB winner.