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Ch. Essence of Happy Days (Tarey's mom)

Copyright of Windermere (Tarey's dad) I had the pleasure of co-owning Copy for a few years until his death. He was a sweet dog and I exposed him to stock for the first time at 9 yrs old. The heart was willing but the body couldn't keep up! Copy liked to chase the bubbles on the shore at the beach. And he talked a lot!
Blu-Star's Sweet Toni Surprise "Toni"

Blu-Star's Essence of Brenna "Lucy"

Tarey at 6 wks

Tarey taking her first big win from 2-4 puppy bitch in the usual huge California Puppy Classes

Tarey learning how to cart at one year old.


Tarey's first big win in the adult classes after moving to Washington. RWB to a 5 pt Mjr at 18 mos. J: Ted Luke.

Tarey taking a RWB at an AKC show.

Tarey taking her first major at the Hovander Show in 1990. 5 pt mjr under J: Dennis Morgan.

Tarey taking a Group 3 at her first CKC shows.

Tarey finishing her CKC Championship at age 7. And her son Bryan picking up points towards his.


Keeping an eye out on the kids and the cattle at age 10.

Tarey was the only progeny of Copy & Brenna that finished a Championship, CDX and gained stock titles.